It all started when...

I noticed I really enjoy helping others succeed in academics and musical studies while I was in high school.  I was in the National Honor Society where I tutored younger students and held leadership positions in my high school band.  The discovery of loving to help others led me down a path of earning a Bachelor Degree in Music Education.  During my undergraduate studies, I enhanced my teaching skills by teaching flute lessons, flute sectionals, early childhood music classes, student teaching at the elementary and high school levels, and by being an intern with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra.  

After undergrad, I began my official teaching career as an elementary music teacher in Conyers, Georgia.  Missing the flute, I returned to school to receive a Master's in flute performance which led me to pursue a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in flute performance.  

Through my studies and beyond, I have been grateful for all of the teaching opportunities I have had.  From teaching 4 year olds how to keep a steady beat to tutoring college athletes in their History of Rock and Roll classes to working with flute performance majors mastering their craft for a professional career in music and everyone in between, I enjoy sharing the incredible world of music with anyone who wants to learn.

University, Elementary School, Private Flute Lessons, World Music, Chamber Music, Flute Sectionals, Masterclasses, Entrepreneurship.  You name it.  I teach it.

I currently teach at Georgia Gwinnett College and have served on the faculty of the University of Washington School of Music.  While living in Seattle, I established a successful flute studio of all ages.  Now that I have moved back "home" to Georgia, I am excited to start a new studio in my hometown!