The Newbie Flutie

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The Newbie Flutie is a fun and engaging 10 week program designed specifically to give new flute students a “jump start” into playing the flute and navigating through some of the initial obstacles new students face.

Why should you consider the Newbie Flutie program?
The flute is one of the trickier instruments for most students to learn how to play at the beginning.  Most other wind instruments create their sound by either blowing against something or blowing into something.  We blow across something!  It can be challenging to find that “sweet spot” on your flute that creates your brilliant sound.  By having an experienced teacher guide you through this sometimes challenging time, you will stick with playing the flute longer, excel faster, and avoid the frustration that can come with not being able to get a sound out of your flute when your clarinet friends are already playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

What about learning the flute in band?
Being involved in a music program at school is fantastic!  You learn how to perform with other students, meet new friends, and play fun music.  However, learning a new instrument in a group setting can sometimes be tough.  Your band teacher works very hard to make sure everyone gets off to a good start, but it often can be tricky to teach 100 students 14 different instruments at the same time, giving every student the same amount of attention.  Time and time again, I have band director friends that call me up asking, “why can’t I get my flutes to make a sound?  Please help me!”  Having a professional flutist and teacher help you get started will lower your frustration (and your band director’s stress level)!

By participating in Newbie Flutie, you will...

  •     Get started off right from the beginning
  •     Learn how to choose the right instrument and get a pro’s stamp of approval before buying
  •     Be guided through the difficult first stages with one-on-one instruction
  •     Learn the basics of how to read music
  •     Meet other beginner flutists 
  •     Participate in events like “The Fabulous First 5 Fiesta” (eat pizza, meet other newbies,  play duets, trios, and quartets together while celebrating learning the first 5 notes.)
  •     Perform in a solo graduation recital at the end of week 10


Interested in being a Newbie Flutie?  Contact me at!

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