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An 8-week course (1 session a week) with the intention of giving you the strategies,
tools and know how required to start, build or elevate a THRIVING flute studio
(no matter where in the world you happen to be) so you can FINALLY
earn what you're worth and make the impact you've always wanted.

How it works: A live video of the week's topic is shared on Mondays.  The videos are recorded in a members only area only accessible by participants for viewing any time.  All participants will be added to a closed Facebook group.  Each week, you will work on assignments that will be posted in the Facebook group and assignments that are emailed directly to me for individualized feedback and tweaks.  That's it!  Get ready to revolutionize your teaching!

PART 1: Build Your Studio

Session 1:
* The real reason why even the most talented flutists and flute teachers struggle to build a thriving flute studio they absolutely LOVE (and how to solve that problem once and for all - even if you have an existing studio)

* A proven method for researching and identifying the very BEST student opportunities in your area (ideal for brand new or existing studios)

* Why it's critical to identify and explore your colleagues and competitors (if you haven't done this work properly, you haven't truly differentiated yourself...YET)

Session 2:
* How to create a compelling and magnetic platform that attracts the flute students you love teaching the most

* Pricing that makes choosing YOU a no brainer (for brand new AND current studio owners...chances are good you are undervaluing your work...and you CAN fix it!)

* The most effective ways to get your intention and message across to literally ANYONE via email (let's face it, people don't answer their phones these days - so you gotta KNOW how to get their attention!)

* The #1 reason over 90% of flute teachers I meet are leaving money on the table unnecessarily (this will without a doubt surprise you)

Session 3:

* A step-by-step method for creating bulletproof studio policies that attract the RIGHT students and repel the wrong ones (samples and templates included!)

* The most effective way to craft a compelling conversation that immediately attracts both prospective band directors collaborators and the students who are MOST likely to jump at the opportunity to work with you (also ideal for current studio teachers who can't seem to fill up your studio...or can't seem to get the "right" students)

* How to reach out to other private teachers in your area for collaboration and cooperation (time to drop the competition mindset, and I'll show you how)

* The ONLY method that works to prevent or resolve BURNOUT (it happens to everyone at some point and there IS a solution that works!)

Part 2: Elevate Your Studio

Session 4:

* The #1 reason parents and students choose OTHER flute teachers to study with (even if you're the best player in town)

* Proven conversation outline and scripts for first time calls with parents and students to ensure they come to YOU for that first lesson

* LIVE CALLS with me to refine your conversation style with prospective students and parents including direct feedback from me so you get the very BEST results when you talk to prospective parents and students on real calls

Session 5:

* The most critical information and content to include on your studio website (if your website isn't selling FOR you while you're busy doing other things, you're losing money AND students)

* How to craft a killer bio that highlights the things parents and students TRULY want to know about you (this ain't the same as a performance resume folks!)

* A mad rolodex of ideas for amazing resources to provide to your studio that impresses current AND prospective parents and students alike

* Add-on options for those of you who struggle to 1) get a website up and running, and 2) get your website content completed quickly (time is money - let's get 'er done!)

Session 6:

* WHY some studios are killing it and others are merely winging it (the secret to being magnetic in every way)

* Best practices for cultivating a true COMMUNITY in your studio (they'll love you and they'll never want to leave if you do this right!)

* How to know for SURE which events or tools are right for YOUR studio (i.e. a newsletter, events, guest artists, etc. - you've got to choose the RIGHT offers for YOUR studio or you'll go nuts!)

Part 3: Troubleshoot Your Studio

Session 7:

* Proven methods for solving The Practicing Predicament (who wants to be plagued with students who show up unmotivated, apathetic and failing?!)

* Best practices for dealing with "problem parents" (learn how to handle complaints, late payments and neglected students like a pro)

* The simplest and most humane way to CONTRACTUALLY let go of a student that isn't flourishing in lessons (script included)

* The very best ways to keep your students motivated week after week so they experience WINNING in your studio (even when they don't always play well)

Session 8:

* How and where to find and recruit "the good" students (nobody likes to admit this...and it's what we all want...and you can have it)

* The KEY to tackling and overcoming the "depressed area" dilemma (listen...if you can't move to another city/state and you've got competition in your area, it's time to think strategically!)

* How to be a continual INNOVATOR in a world chock full of "flute teachers" (if you really ARE different, you've got to act like it)

...and much more

*** BONUS #1: Studio Jumpstart: 5 New Students In 30 DAYS ***

Upon purchasing The Flute Teacher's Playbook, you get access to this handy reference guide so you can dive right in and begin recruiting new students into your studio immediately.

*** BONUS #2: What's Working NOW ***

A collection of methods and strategies I've created, implemented and used throughout my tenure as an "at capacity" flute teacher with energetic, happy and successful students - and a near constant waiting list of prospects. No need to guess what works when someone can show you the ropes up front.

Terms and Conditions

1. Payment options are 1) one payment up front for $300.00 USD, or 2) two equal installments of $150.00 USD.

2. If you choose the installment payment plan, the first installment of $150.00 USD is due up front and the second installment of $150.00 USD will be automatically charged in 30 days.

3. If you choose the installment payment plan, you agree that you are obligated to pay the installment agreement according to the above schedule.

4. If the second payment installment fails to charge on the scheduled payment date, your access to The Flute Teachers Playbook will be denied or removed as long as your overdue amount remains outstanding. Access to your account will be restored within 24 hours of receipt all outstanding amounts.

5. There are NO refunds or cancellations for The Flute Teacher's Playbook. If you are struggling with the program, contact me directly at katherine AT emeneth DOT com so I can help you personally! I stand by my program and my work.