Flute Lessons



I am always looking for enthusiastic, positive, and dedicated students of all ages.  My studio is located in the Northeast Atlanta area in Gwinnett County.

Whether your goal is to learn how to play the flute, get into a collegiate music program, youth orchestra, music festival, or just get better at flute, I can help you!  I have taught numerous students over the past 15 years from age 5 to 60.  Each student is different, and I make time spent in the lesson focused on that student’s goals. 

Some of my former students have gone on to major in music in college, been accepted into honor bands and orchestras, won awards in flute competitions, been named a drum major for their school marching bands, as well as have won awards and scholarships based on their personal character and performing talents.

If you are interested in studying with me, please review all of the information on this page and contact me at 404-663-4082 or katherine@emeneth.com!

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By Taking Private Lessons, You Will:

  • Learn proper tone production, fingering, and breath control on flute
  • Be exposed to a wide variety of flute music
  • Learn discipline, intrinsic motivation, and increase self esteem
  • Improve auditioning and performing skills
  • Become proficient in music theory, history, and current music culture
  • Perform frequently in studio recitals
  • Participate in local youth symphony or All State ensemble flute auditions and competitions
  • Work with other students in the studio by playing duets, trios, and other chamber music
  • Be involved in local flute and music events
  • Take part in studio workshops, masterclasses, and mock auditions
  • Become part of my flute family offering support, guidance, and having FUN!

Why Should I Take Lessons with Katherine?

  • As soon as you walk in the door to my studio, you are instantly included in my flute family.  This means never-ending support, guidance, and quality music making.  Time spent in a weekly lesson is not the only time I spend supporting you.  This is not just flute lessons! This is a flute program filled with weekly support emails, lots of handouts about flute, flute playing, music history and theory, and research to find enrichment activities, competitions, and performance opportunities. 
  • Parents are kept up-to-date on their child's progress and are provided with ample reading material covering topics such as “How to Help Your Child Succeed in Music,” and “Taking Private Music Lessons and Intelligence."  Parents are also given each others contact information for arranging car pools to lessons and events.
  • I am not only a performer but also strive to be the best teacher I can be.  I devote myself to my students enjoy nothing more than seeing my students excel.  I am a professional flutist but also a professional flute TEACHER!  I observe master flute teachers and communicate with others about teaching and learning.  I hold a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in flute performance and maintain an active performing, teaching, and speaking schedule.  I share everything I learn on my travels with students and their families.
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Robyn talks about lessons with Katherine.

My favorite thing about my child taking lessons is first of all, the improvement in her playing. Just as important is Katherine’s exceptional ability to motivate, to serve as a role model of a committed and passionate musician, and Katherine’s understanding of my daughter as person, not only a flute student.
— Flute parent

Student Maya playing Faure Fantasie.  Go Maya!

Doran was featured on a local TV station about a music competition he entered!

My Teaching Philosophy

Music lessons provide a gateway to personal development by having someone to work with each week who holds you accountable for not only your lesson material, but also for school work or social obligations.  I teach music because I believe that it contributes to developing the humanity, a sense of culture awareness, and characteristics essential to forging bonds with others in every student.  I communicate with students about their lives at school, home, and their future endeavors and provide them with an open and nonjudgemental ear when needed.  My goal is develop a lifelong love of music and humanity in every student.

I make lessons as much fun and informative as possible.  My personal goal for students is to feel comfortable and receptive to information during lessons.  I expect students to practice daily so that we can achieve as much as possible during each lesson.  I have also found that by holding students to high expectations from the beginning, they will excel much faster and flute lessons become even more rewarding.  Even though I keep standards high, flute lessons are always fun and entertaining (often making use of a rubber chicken and a pair of wax lips).  Students should be ready to work hard.

Students work together and learn from each other by participating in studio events.  I guide students through developing interpersonal connections with others, public speaking skills, lessons in teamwork and collaboration, and fostering a sense of community through these events.  Events include recitals, retreats, field trips, workshops, and parties.  It is my goal to not only develop each person's musical knowledge but also their leadership and community building skills.

Adult students can expect to be challenged to the extent they desire and be supported by their peers in the studio.  Adults participate in studio recitals, chamber music, and social functions and are encouraged to perform in community bands and orchestra.

I teach primarily classical flute but the curriculum in enriched with elements of world music, rock, pop, and jazz.

Students are expected to provide their own flute and any books or materials needed.  

Katherine and Eileen's video for the National Flute Association's video challenge.

Katherine is an exceptional flute teacher, in the fullest sense of the word. Not only her technical and musical accomlishments, but her ability to teach what she knows, inspire, motivate and serve as an overall role model are most noteworthy.
— Flute parent

Former student, Faye, discusses her experience as Katherine's student.